about me

Rudy Christl - professional crossover-magic

1957 born in Regensburg

1970 first contact with magic

1977 first evening show

1986 - 2002 international tours with the second evening-show “Magic goes Comedy” all over Europe, Northern Africa and the USA

April 1998 becoming the Scotch title “Laird of Camster” for social engagements for the WWF

1998 pupil of Samy Molche in Body-Talking

1999 Certificated Struktogramm-Trainer

since 1999 Seminarist and Coaching for Salesmen and Marketing

1999 becoming lifetime honor member of the SAM, Society of American Magicans

1999 entry into the “who is who” as a top-magican

1997 - 2002 severals engagements as a leading character at several Boulevard Theaters and guest-engagements at TV-productions like Kommissarin Lukas (ZDF)

2008 Foundation of the magican-group simply-magic

since 1998 planing, organisation and direction of many events

since 1986 holding seminars for learning magic

2007 my 50th birthday

2007 30-Years-Stage-anniversary

2010 40 years magic anniversary

2010 production of the first DVD with magic lessons for beginners

2010 Third Solo-Programm “Magic Mystery Tour” with the best-of of 30 years stage-performances

Member of MRA, Magic Ring Austria